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Are you OCD about the visual appearance of your motor? At Custom Detailing LTD, so are we! All of our detailing services are based on an hourly rate of £75 per hour, plus additional protection product costs – get in touch and let’s discuss your requirements today.


Custom Detailing LTD master detailer is a paint correction specialist with a huge portfolio of works on many different kinds of vehicles with varying types of paint finishes. Their speciality is paramount in the execution of any vehicle paint correction. We understand the science and how different finishes and materials react to certain products which is key to any detailing project.

Custom Detailing LTD detailing options are entirely bespoke, unlike other detailing businesses we believe vehicle detailing is a personal preference. Allows us to specifically target your requirements without the need to buy a package that includes something you do not require.

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Release the inner and outer beauty of your car. Vacuum any crumbs away including those hard to reach places and the boot. Thorough upholstery shampoo of seats, carpets, roof and door linings. After cleaning all internal surfaces are given a new natural lustre.

Inside windows cleaned. Ideally leave a further 2hrs for seats to dry, or plastic seats covers will be provided. Sensitive hand car clean (incl wheels) using Autoglym products and microfibre-cloths to be gentle on your paintwork. Tyre dressing applied.

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Custom Detailing LTD provides a range of professional car detailing and ceramic paint protection services designed to meet the needs of discerning customers in Essex. Whether new or used, your car can benefit from one of our detailing treatments. We treat all cars to the same high level of attention to detail regardless of monetary value.

Our car detailing services will create a stunning, deep glossy finish to your paintwork and the ceramic protection applied will leave your car well protected against the elements. Alongside this, you will benefit from easy future maintenance.

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Satin and matte paints are susceptible to staining from greasy fingerprints, bugs, traffic film, bird droppings, conventional car shampoos, waxes and sealants, which can ruin the appearance by degrading the matte satin effect. Due to the paint’s high surface area, it can not be polished using standard methods as practised on usual car paint finishes.

More and more manufacturers are now offering matte and satin paint finishes, such as BMW Frozen finishes and the Mercedes-Benz Designo Magno matte paint line. Unfortunately, as fashionable and good looking as these finishes are, there’s are a few drawbacks when trying to keep up on the finishes appearance.

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Cleaning the engine bay quickly and safely, our solvent-free, water-based, and biodegradable agent is an environmentally friendly treatment. What’s more, is that it is harmless if it comes in contact with plastics, rubber, paintwork, and metal. After using the cleaner, we steam clean and dress the engine for the ultimate shine.

Our engine cleaning service uses a powerful, non-corrosive application designed for engines, components, and wheels, through combined detergent and degreaser that dissolves oil, grease, grime, and traffic film from all surfaces.

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At Custom Detailing LTD we know how annoying it is when you pick up a scuff or a dent, dimishing the overall pristene look of your vehicle. We offer a no-fuss high end repair service at competitive rates. We’ll even pick up your drive and bring it back, offering a fast track service to those in a hurry.

We can also restore interiors too. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

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